About Us

Sheila Damon


Sheila has been fascinated by the mind/body link since the 1970s when she attended a series of lectures on human relationships at Toft Hall, Cheshire. This prompted her to graduate with an honours degree in Philosophy some years later.

She then trained in Reiki healing and progressed to become a Reiki master. Successfully achieving a Diploma in counselling, she continued her professional development and as a voluntary counsellor for charities, she worked frequently in the bereavement and addiction fields as well as in general counselling. She wanted something to enhance the work with her clients , searched for an answer and discovered the Clifton Practice in Bristol, a gold standard training establishment and working clinic. Here she learned hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and was trained in the Solution Focused approach. "We all use hypnotic trance naturally, in everyday life" she says. "There's no way people can be hypnotised to do anything against their personal ethical beliefs. "My clients empower themselves to create a better future . They deal with the problems since the therapy concentrates on solutions. It's a great combination!"

Kevin Barlow


We all feel the pressures of daily life in different ways as we try to juggle the different roles demanded of us in work, within the family, in our various relationships, as well as responding to the all of the new situations that life presents us with. Through all this we can sometimes feel we have lost touch with our own self, knocked off balance or lost the vitality and clarity of our own essential being.

The counselling environment provides a safe space in which you can take time out to freely look at issues in your life, with the knowledge that whatever is expressed is held in the strictest confidence and remains within the therapeutic boundaries.

Here you can freely explore your ideas and feelings to discover those that come from your genuine centre and which sit comfortably with you. Having accessed this aspect of yourself, you can draw on the rich resources of your true potential with all its creativity and strength, and so confidently integrate this into all aspects of your everyday life. This fresh feeling of freedom, which comes from being aware that you are back in charge of your own life, can enrich all your relationships and activities, helping you to enjoy the life enhancing wonder of genuinely being who you truly are.

Kevin's personal path is based in psychology, yoga and the practice of meditation. With over 30 years experience in this field he has the ability to communicate these teachings in a down to earth and practical way which directly relates to our everyday life situations.

His professional qualifications were obtained from The Central School of Counselling & Therapy with whom he trained from 1992to1996. After working with Penarth Pastoral Foundation for a number of years he moved into private practice in 1999.

Whilst Kevin works within a variety of traditions, depending on the needs of the client ,his unique interactive style is deeply rooted in Person Centered Therapy .